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Claudia 1:1 gesprek

Female BrainZz 1:1 trajectory

Female BrainZz Individual coaching trajectory

Yes, there is finally a remedy and a solution for all the emotions that you suffer from and all the beliefs that hold you back.


Everything that consciously or unconsciously prevents you from living a successful and happy life. This 1-on-1 program helps you to be yourself again without experiencing painful emotions and memories.

Goal: aligning your head, heart, and gut feelings, so that you feel free to be yourself and stand happy, confident, and resilient in life.


Claudia will explain to you HOW she works together with you during this 1:1 coaching program.

Claudia 1:1 traject

The path to a permanent solution with a 100% result guarantee.

Translate: I work with methods especially designed  for women to liberate themselves from all the big and small emotions, beliefs, and critical voices in their heads that hinder them, regardless of how long they have had them. It's the breakthrough solution for the female brain, with a guaranteed result. It may seem impossible to quickly, painlessly, and permanently get rid of emotions, thoughts, and beliefs that you have had for a long time, but it really can be done!

I promise you that if you commit 100% to putting in 100% effort and working with me, your life will change completely for the better. My mission is to reconnect my clients with themselves so that they feel free to be who they are and make choices that suit them.

Intensive program

The Female BrainZz Individual Trajectory is an intensive program where you first gain insight into which emotions and beliefs are blocking and holding you back from living a life in which you feel happy, energetic and strong. To gain insight, you don't need to dig into your past, bring up events, or discuss them.

We only talk about the emotions associated with them. In the second part of the program, we will remove the links you have made with emotions and beliefs and replace them with your own insights and solutions.

My methodology
The main component of my Female BrainZz Individual Trajectory is learning to let go of everything you learned in live that holds you back. When you were born you were perfect. No baby feels that she's to demanding, to fat, not smart or good enough. You learned those things during live events and I will help you to let them go.  I only work this way in private consultations to remove emotional knots and beliefs from your unconscious and conscious brain. All of this is done in a painless and quick way, with long-lasting effects. I use your feminine intuition and creativity to make this happen. Through the sessions, you will be able to completely transform your life in all areas, personally and professionally, so that you can live the life you truly want to live.


What Judith accomplished with the program:

“Still amazed with my transformation”


This year I participated in Claudia's Female BrainZz Individual program. It wasn't heavy or difficult at all, I didn't have to go through a mountain of sorrow or old pain. It was all much lighter than I had anticipated. During four meetings in Claudia's pleasant practice, I became a different, more complete person. Relaxed, light, and confident. Frustrations and fears that had plagued me my whole life, I could let go. I no longer suffer from anxiety and tension. I am connected again with my core, my own power. I don't get upset anymore when someone approaches me negatively or judges me. I am allowed to be there completely and I love myself. I dare to face situations that I previously found difficult. Moreover, I have overcome my severe stage fright and now even enjoy performing. I feel safe again in situations that I used to consider unsafe. I am whole and complete. Thank you, Claudia, this was exactly what I needed! You have helped me a lot.

Private counseling tailored to your needs

This transformation program consists of several 90-minute private counseling sessions. The number of sessions needed varies per person, depending on what you want to change in your life, what you need, and what you want to achieve. That's why this is a tailor-made program, and that's precisely why there are no prices listed for this program. I can only determine a price once I know what you're struggling with in your life and what you need to transform into the best version of yourself. We'll discuss this in a discovery call. On average, this program lasts 10 to 12 weeks.

Writing assignments and sessions

The program starts with a true heart to heart talk and a serie of questions from me to help both of us to trully understand what is holdig you back emotionally and in your way of thinking and looking at your self. Based on the information from this firs session I will design a taylor made program for you to help you regain your trust in yourself and live and to increase your selflove, selfunderstanding and selfworth.

In between sessions, I am also there for you if you have any questions or need support. I am your coach/counselor and I am fully committed to helping you achieve your dreams. I expect you to be 100% committed and dedicated as well.


Only available to follow online.

I do all my coaching and therapie online. So if you don't live in my hometown or even  live abroad,  you can still follow the Female BrainZz Individual Trajectory! We will conduct all our sessions via Zoom. Experience shows that this is just as effective and successful as in-person sessions in my practice. I've been working online long before covid ;-) and have many happy clients.

Do you want to change your life and become the happy, cheerful, energetic, and joyful woman that you truly are?

Do you also want to break free from what is holding you back in life? Then this program is the solution for you!

I work with a life-changing methodology based on women's need, their way of thinking, experience live and emotions. I specifically focuse on the female brain and emotions. Ik help you  dissolve deep-seated emotions that limit and block a you. . I take into account everything that happens in a woman's brain and body. From the menstrual cycle to instinct and from intuition to brain structure. And that's why this method is so effective for all women.

I will  guide you through emotional blockages and beliefs, creating space for the fundamental balance that a woman needs to activate her health, happiness, success, and freedom.

After working with me you will make choices that fit you in the way that suits you. You can no longer be carried away by your emotions, continuous thoughts, or 'what-if' scenarios.

If you are a woman who wants to discover her true inner strength and is looking for an energetic life full of peace, love, joy, and fulfillment contact me. I will help you achieve lasting mindset and behavourial change to live a wonderfull happy live. 


I am completely there for you.

My name is Claudia Koehoorn and my mission is to reconnect as many people as possible with themselves.

I help women feel good in their own skin again, through specifically targeted coaching on the female brain.

I share all my passion and knowledge through coaching, counseling, workshops, lectures and training sessions. Individually and in small groups 100 % online.  I  also share my knowledge through publications on social media and in various magazines mostly in Dutch. But hey we've got google translate ;-)


You have incredible potential. Don't give up. You can achieve anything, reach any goal you set your mind to. Leave your fears behind, choose yourself. Show yourself and speak up. Get to work, discover who you are and share your value with the world.

This is for you if...

  • If you want to easily and effortlessly solve your fears, anger, sadness, insecurity, shame, disappointment, or other blocks

  • If you seek a permanent way to live an energetic, joyful life

  • If you want to eradicate your worries and activate your deepest dreams, passions, and desires

  • If you want to learn to listen to yourself

  • If you want to discover and unleash your creativity and inner powers

Then this is definitely for you!

You can achieve this in just a few 90-minute sessions. The sessions are always one-on-one via Zoom, with a result guarantee. Change your life and book a free discovery talk with me where I can give you more information and you can get to know me and see if we click.


I can't wait to help you transform into the woman you truly are.

Free Strategy call


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