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Claudia Koehoorn

My story


If happiness doesn't come naturally, you need to learn how to create happiness!

Love, Claudia

Hi! I am Claudia,

I am Claudia Koehoorn, a Transformologist®. I have a background in psychology and am an expert by experience. The female brain holds few secrets for me. By experiencing one of my toughest life experiences, I know how much richer your life can become when you consciously choose to develop yourself.

I was 30 when the doctor in front of me told me that I had a life-threatening illness. The prospects were bleak. From a life as a model and the carefree life of a young adult to the most intense news you can get at any age.

Certain things in your life you CANNOT change. You can learn to look at them differently.

Looking back on what happened to me, you could focus on everything that is intense about my story. Due to my illness, I ended up in a wheelchair, couldn't have my own children, and keep encountering incomprehension from people who have no idea about my 'problems'.

Although I prefer not to draw attention to it, I do know that this is exactly why I -get- how you create happiness for yourself.

You create happiness by focusing on what you can influence.

If I were to give in to this emptiness, then I would not have a life. Now, 20 years later, I enjoy my life intensely. By creating my own happiness. I have a fantastic husband, stepchildren whom I see as my own children, grandchildren, a successful business, and pets that provide me with intense support. I choose every day to arrange what I can influence in such a way that I experience happiness from it. And where I cannot exert influence, I do not fight against it, I try to make it as little a part of my life as possible.

In practice, I meet women every day who do not experience happiness and fight against what is already there or missing. Such a shame!

By taking your self-development seriously, actively getting started, and with the right guidance, you too can create the life you long for.

Forget about insecurity, stress, difficult social conversations, not setting boundaries. Hello imperfect perfect you.


Are you ready to take off your mask?

Are you tired of constantly adapting to others? Are you ready to stop being afraid or forbidden to be yourself? It's time to take off your mask, embrace yourself, and show who you truly are. You're probably used to the idea that change is difficult, that you must work hard to change something about yourself, and that breaking patterns, emotions, beliefs, and overthinking is challenging.

My programs are not difficult or hard; you don't have to work super hard or dig into the past. The sessions in my Female Brainzz Creatrix® program are easy and fun! Specifically tailored to your female brain! Everything you need to solve something is already within you.

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