Are you making the choices you want to make in the way that suits you best?

Make happiness your friend for life too


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There are certain things in life that you simply CAN NOT change. You can, however, teach yourself to perceive them differently

When I look back at what happened to me, I could choose to focus on all the tough aspects of my story. Instead, I learned to let go of that which I cannot control and to seek happiness in the choices I do have.

Are you standing at the threshold of finding (or rediscovering) your true happiness?


My name is Claudia Koehoorn, Transformologist® and experienced expert. The female brain has but few secrets for me. Having personally gone through one of life’s toughest trials, I know first-hand how much richer your life can become when you consciously choose to work on your self-development.

When happiness doesn’t come naturally, you have to learn how to create it.

I was 30 when the doctor announced I had a life-threatening disease. The outlook was dire. From a life as a model and carefree young adult, to the toughest news you can receive at any age.

I delved into the brain and into personal development to find my happiness again. And I found it, so much more so than I would ever have thought possible.

Genuine happiness is what I wish for you too.

Do you struggle knowing you want things to change but without knowing how?

Are you stuck and looking for someone who does not just use the same program for everyone but really listens to you, and gives you the help that you need? Someone who works in a personalised, tailor-made way? Then read on.

Do you feel as if you are stuck in a rut, worrying yourself silly, paralysed by self-criticism, with no self-confidence, wanting to have everything under control, terrified of making mistakes, feeling overly responsible, finding it impossible to relax, constantly seeking confirmation or comparing yourself to others? Do you feel you are not good enough or that you keep falling short?

Are you looking for someone who truly has a lot of knowledge and experience? Someone who can help you without your having to dig deep into the past? Someone very practical, with a sense of humour who not only helps you but also motivates and inspires you?

I do not work “on people”, I work together with my clients to achieve deep, lasting transformation. To do so, I combine my extensive knowledge of the brain, psychology, emotions, and mindset. No need to dig in the past. It’s not about the who, the what, where how and when. I free you from the emotions and beliefs that you have linked to past situations and that are still driving your behaviour today.

What I mainly do, is help my clients to align their head, heart, and gut feeling. When these three are in line, you make the choices you want to make, in the way that suits you. Without worrying about what others think, without guilt or frustration, from a place of self-confidence and acceptance.


Judith’s journey


How the female and the male brains work

There is an incredible difference between how the male and the female brains work. During my training as a Psychologist, I mostly encountered literature based on men, and frequently noticed that many of the tools were simply not adequate for women. I started delving into the topic.

In my work I only focus on the specific way your brain deals with thoughts and emotions and have become an expert in the female and the male brain.

Listen to the podcast with Julie Kenneydy on the Kennedy connection

Do not wait for life to make you happy. Choose to be happy.

Are you ready to drop the mask?

Are you done with always adapting to others? Have you had enough of not daring or not being allowed to be yourself?

It is high time to drop your mask, to truly embrace the whole of you and show yourself as you really are.

You are probably used to the idea of change being difficult. Of having to work really hard to change anything at all about ourselves. You probably believe that it is close to impossible to break out of existing patterns, emotions, beliefs and worrying thoughts.

My programs are neither painful nor difficult. You do not have to work insanely hard, nor do you need to dig into the past. The sessions in my Female Brainzz Individual Program are easy and fun too!

Specifically aimed at your female brain!

Everything you need to solve your issues, is already inside of you.