If happyness doesn’t happen on it’s own you will have to learn how to create it.

Ik was 30 toen de dokter tegenover mij vertelde dat ik een levensbedreigende ziekte had. De vooruitzichten waren slecht. Van een leven als model en het onbezorgde leven van een jong volwassene naar het heftigste nieuws dat je op welke leeftijd dan ook kunt krijgen.

Hello geourgous

My name is Claudia Koehoorn, Transformologist® and experienced expert. The female brain has but few secrets for me. Having personally gone through one of life’s toughest trials, I know first-hand how much richer your life can become when you consciously choose to work on your self-development. I face a lot of challenges in my life. I’m in a wheelchair and chronically ill. Yet I live a great life. I can do everything just sometimes in a different way. I enjoy my life, my family and my work. My mission is to free at least 1000 women from self-criticism, self-doubt, insecurity, not believing in themselves and not feeling good enough. 

There are certain things in life that you CAN NOT change. You can, however, teach yourself to perceive them differently.

When I look back at what happened to me, I could focus on all the tough aspects of my story. Because of my illness, I ended up in a wheelchair, I have not been able to have children of my own, and I continuously struggle with the incomprehension of those who have no idea about my ‘issues’.

So although I prefer to not draw attention to my situation, it does mean that I know, better than most, how you can create happiness for yourself.

Happiness is made by focusing on that which you can influence.

If I admitted to this emptiness, I would have no life. Now, 20 years later, I enjoy my life intensely. By creating my own happiness. I have a wonderful husband, bonus children who I consider my own, grandchildren, a thriving business and pets who are intensely supportive. I choose every day to organize that which I can influence in such a way that I experience happiness. And what I cannot influence, I do not fight, I let it be as small a part of my life as possible.

Daily I encounter women in my practice who are not experiencing happiness and are fighting against what is already there or is missing.  Such a shame!

By taking your self-development seriously, actively getting to work on it and with the proper guidance, you too can create the life you so long for.

Forget about insecurity, stress, awkward social conversations, the lack of boundaries. Hello imperfect perfect you.


Are you ready for the journey of a lifetime?

Have you tried all sorts of things to change yourself, break patterns and get around your own pitfalls?
That you have not succeeded is not surprising.
You are a woman and most methods and therapies are designed by men and therefore focused on a male brain. What is often missing is the understanding that women experience emotions differently and emotions have a greater impact on women, especially on their self-image.

Too often I see women being held back by their (unconscious) beliefs and emotions. As a result they can not or don’t dare to be happy or successful.

80% of your success often depends on your mindset.
But for women, not only your mindset (ratio) has an impact on your success. You are driven by multiple factors. Very important factors: your ‘heartset’ (feeling) and your ‘gutset’ (intuition) also play a big role. And that is exactly the reason why you need a methodology that is specifically aimed at your female brain to solve your issues.

In my programs we align your ratio, your feelings and your intuition so that you don’t constantly feel an inner struggle. When your thinking, feeling and doing are in line, it is much easier to live and do business from peace, joy and confidence.

Sometimes you are not even aware of what is holding you back or blocking you right now. Let me help you. Book a free consultation with me.