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How fantastic that you are willing to take a step forward. I am glad that you are daring to take on your personal challenge and am looking forward to meeting you and getting to know you.

In order to see if I can help you and what the costs would be, I need more information on what you are struggling with in life. I like to do that through a free consultation in which we also importantly determine whether we have a personal click. The click is in effect the most important ingredient. No coaching or counselling will work without it.

The ‘personal click’ call takes about 45 minutes. I like to offer you this time   in order to discover who you are and how I can best help you. This talk will provide you with a personal roadmap, clarity on my working method and you will know what the financial implications are.

Let me know who you are and when you are available, and I look forward to talking to you as soon as possible.

Very much hoping to meet you soon on line! 



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