Amazing! Your first step has been taken..

We will soon have our free connect call.

One more thing…

Before you leave, I want to discuss one more thing with you.

Between now and the connect call you just scheduled, things will happen in your life.

Things you expect or don’t expect. Positive and negative things, it’s life.

I also know that it will be easy to push yourself aside when things come your way.

You might think, “I’ll come back to it later,” or “I have to prioritize someone or something else before I can do this.”

I know because I was once like that myself, and so are the people I work with.

But right now, I’d like you to allow yourself to make this clicker conversation one of your top priorities.

It could be the door to your future. A future filled with love, freedom, confidence and peace. Make it a priority for yourself, make yourself a priority, because the happier and more fulfilled you are, the better you can feel for the people you care about.

If you absolutely MUST reschedule our conversation, of course that’s okay too. All I ask is that you let me know in time. These connect calls can be life-changing and they are in high demand.

So if you need to reschedule our click call, please let me know as early as possible so I can offer the spot to someone else on my waiting list.

Please only do this as the very last option, because if you don’t prioritize yourself, chances are others won’t prioritize you either.

Again, I’m glad you took the step to book a click call and I look forward to meeting you and getting to know you better.