Female BrainZz Individual Program

Yes, there is finally a cure and a solution for all the emotions you suffer from and all the beliefs you struggle with. Everything that consciously or unconsciously holds you back from a successful and happy life. This 1-on-1 program helps you to be yourself again without experiencing painful emotions and memories.

Goal: align your head, your heart and your gut feeling so you feel free to be yourself and are happy, confident and resilient in life.


Claudia about the Female BrainZz Program

What Judith accomplished with the program:

“Still amazed at my transformation”

The way to a permanent solution with 100% result guarantee

Creatrix®, is the method for women to free themselves from all the big and small emotions, beliefs and the overcritical voices in your head that are holding you back.  Regardless of how long you have had them.  The breakthrough solution for the female brain, with a result guarantee.  It may seem impossible to get rid of emotions, thoughts and beliefs that you have had for a long time quickly, painlessly and permanently but it really can be done!

I promise you that if you make a 100% commitment to engage and work with me, your life will change completely for the better. My mission is to reconnect my clients to themselves so they feel free to be who they are and make the choices that are right for them.

Intensive program
The Female BrainZz Individual program is an intensive program where you first gain insight into what emotions and beliefs are blocking and holding you back from living a life in which you feel happy, energetic and strong. To gain insight you don’t have to dig into your past, or bring up events or discuss them.

We only talk about the emotions that are linked to them. In the second part of the program we will remove the links you have made with emotions and beliefs and replace them with your own insights and solutions.

Creatrix methodology
The main component of my Female BrainZz Individual program is Creatrix®, the special method I use only in private consultations to remove emotional knots and beliefs from your unconscious and conscious brain. All this in a painless and fast way, with long lasting effects. In doing so, I put your female intuition and creativity to work. Through Creatrix® sessions you are able to transform your life completely in all areas, personal and professional. So that you can live the life you really want to live.

Customized Private Counseling

This transformation program consists of 90-minute private counseling sessions.  How many sessions you need varies from person to person. It depends on what you want to change in your life, what you need and what you want to achieve. That makes this a tailor-made program and that is exactly the reason why there are no prices mentioned for this program. I can only determine a price when I know what you’re up against in your life and what exactly you need to transform into the best version of yourself. We discuss this in a click. On average this program takes 10 to 12 weeks.

Writing assignments and sessions

The program starts with a number of writing assignments that you need to complete.  In the first session we discuss your writing assignment and you get your very first Creatrix® session. In the next sessions we discuss how things have gone since your last appointment, what we’re going to tackle in this session and do another Creatrix® session.

In between sessions, I am also here for you if you have questions or need support.  I am your coach/counselor and I am 100% committed to helping you achieve what you dream of. I expect 100% commitment and effort from you as well.

Can also be followed virtually

Even if you live abroad or if you are unable to come to the JouwTransformatie practice, you can still follow the Female BrainZz Individual program! In that case we will do all our sessions via Zoom. Experience shows that this is just as effective and successful as sessions in my practice. I’ve worked with a lot of women who don’t live in the Netherlands. Doing all session online with great results.


–  Claudia Koehoorn

Do you also want to change your life and get back to being the happy, joyful, energetic, happy woman you really are?

Do you want to break free from what is holding you back in life forever? Then this program is the solution for you!

Creatrix ® is the life-changing methodology designed by the Institute of Women International from Australia.  It is the very first program that specifically targets the female brain and can dissolve deeply embedded emotions that limit and block a woman. It takes into account everything that goes on in the female brain and body. From cycle to instinct and from intuition to brain structure. And that is precisely why this method is so effective with all women.

Creatrix® breaks through emotional blockages and beliefs, freeing up space for the fundamental balance a woman needs to activate her health, happiness, success and freedom.

After my Female BrainZz Individual Program thanks to Creatrix®, you make the choices that are right for you in the way that is right for you. You can no longer be carried away by your emotions, continuous stream of thoughts or ‘what if’ scenarios.

If you are a woman who wants to discover her true inner strength and who is looking for an energetic life full of peace, love, joy and fulfillment this is the program for you. It is quick, painless even playfull with lasting results. I believe so deeply in this unique program that I work with a result guarantee. Book a connect call to learn more.

There are more women like you.


This woman went before you:

What first struck me about Claudia was her bubbly positive energy. I would like some of that, I thought. How does she do it? She is in a wheelchair, so she must have been through a lot. The connect call was what made me decide to follow a complete Transformation Process with her. Her professional no-nonsense approach, grounded in her studies in psychology, really brought me to an enormous personal transformation. Ultimately you do this yourself but guided by Claudia’s firm warm hand. We had to go very deep to find my intrinsic belief (my root) but I now have my lust for life back. This transformation is a turning point that will serve me for the rest of my life. I first had to convince myself that this investment in time and money was worth it. But as a human being – whether self-employed (like me) or not – I want to live a life full of joy and really enjoy it. I am immensely grateful that it was Claudia in particular who guided me.  Thanks! Anja


P.S. It is very difficult to access your emotions when on autopilot, needing to make money, trying to control all judgments and prejudice, keeping all the balls in the air when barely able to stand on your feet, staying healthy, going through menopause, dealing with adolescent children whilst also looking after aging parents, as I most certainly know. Anja



I’m all here for you

I am Claudia Koehoorn and my mission is to reconnect as many people as possible with themselves.

I help women feel good about themselves again, by specifically focusing coaching on the female brain.

I specialize in the difference between the male and female brain and coaching and counseling specifically focused on that.
I am a licensed Creatrix Facilitator and Women Transformologist. One of the first in the Netherlands, even in Europe. I followed the Creatrix® training with Marylin Schirmer of the Institute of Women International, the creator of this wonderful method. This method is specifically aimed at the female brain.
I have also studied psychology. This has given me a thorough knowledge of practical, clinical and social psychology, methods of conversation, medical knowledge and various types of therapy. I have years of experience in helping people who get stuck by their own emotions, beliefs and patterns.

Don’t hesitate any longer, this is your solution!

This program is for you if:


you want to easily and effortlessly resolve your fear, anger, sadness, insecurity, shame, disappointment and/or other blockages
you are looking for a permanent way to live an energetic, happy life
you want  to eradicate your worries and activate your deepest dreams, passions and desires
you want to learn to listen to yourself
Discover and unleash your creativity and inner strengths

Then this is definitely for you!

You can achieve this in a few 90-minute sessions. The sessions are always one-on-one online by  Zoom, with a result guarantee. Change your life and book a free callect callwith me where I will give you more information without any obligation and you can get to know me and we will see if we have a click together.

I can’t wait to help you transform yourself into the woman you really are.

Love , Claudia