Inspiration to reset your brain

You are at the beginning of an enormous personal development journey ; really choosing for your own happiness. This can be quite complicated, because what exactly is it, what causes your happiness and where should you start?

I get you.

I have created several free tools for you that will inspire you on your path to true happiness.


I am Claudia Koehoorn, Transformologist®. I have a psychology background and am an expert by experience. The female brain has few secrets for me. By personally going through one of the toughest life experiences myself, I know how much richer your life can become if you consciously choose to develop yourself in it.


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When happiness doesn’t come naturally, you have to learn how to create it.

I was 30 when the doctor announced I had a life-threatening disease. The outlook was dire. From a life as a model and carefree young adult, to the toughest news you can receive at any age.

I delved into the brain and into personal development to find my happiness again. And I found it, so much more so than I would ever have thought possible.

Genuine happiness is what I wish for you too.

I do not work “on people”, I work together with my clients to achieve deep, lasting transformation. To do so, I combine my extensive knowledge of the brain, psychology, emotions, and mindset. No need to dig in the past. It’s not about the who, the what, where how and when. I free you from the emotions and beliefs that you have linked to past situations and that are still driving your behaviour today.